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Items We are Watching in 2021


The year 2020 has presented many challenges and changes that we were not expecting. A few items we are watching that effect many of our clients:

  1. Land Values: Low interest rates, commodity prices, high government payments and low supply of land made land sales this fall very strong. Sustained earning power in 2021 will help this momentum.
  2. Weather events: Weather turned from ideal to tumultuous quickly in 2020. Will La Nina lead to below average crops in South America and the United States in 2021?
  3. Impact of new administration on regulations and taxes: If part of the proposed tax regulations are passed, it will create changes in estate planning and real estate portfolios.
  4. Transition Planning: Most of the assets in America are owned by people aged 60 and older. Will the events of 2020 change their attitude towards transitioning?
  5. Covid-19: The efficacy of the vaccine both from an implementation and acceptance standpoint is key to get the public comfortable with travel and public gatherings.