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Greene County Feeder or Wean Facility For Sale – $756,000

Agri-Management Services and Growthland Realty and Appraisal is offering for sale a 4,200 head Wean or Feeder to Finish site in Greene County, Iowa. Has 11 acres and two finishers with outer dimensions of 41’ x 422’ originally built in 2001. Updates to the ventilation system, gating, feeders, and curtains completed within the last four years and described in the brochure. Contract in place with solid on-site management. Manure management plan and agreements to transfer with the property. Seller will likely structure a 1031 exchange with sale proceeds and buyer MUST cooperate with the exchange. Seller desires to close in 2019 or early 2020.


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Located 20 minutes from Marion and Cedar Rapids. A quiet community with a family friendly atmosphere & quality Schools. Paved roads, city water, city sewer, fully developed lots with french drains. All builders are welcome. Covenants do apply and are available upon request.

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Agri-Management Services and Affiliates is offering for sale Watonwan CO Feeder Pig CO-OP, a 1,575 BTW production unit. Watonwan CO is located in Watonwan County, Minnesota by Lewisville, MN. The original production unit was built in 1975 as a 700 sow farrow to feeder pig facility. Since then it has been remodeled/expanded to operate as a 1,575 sow breed to wean facility with a four room GDU (Nursery/grower/finisher) for incoming breeding stock.


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Agri-Management and GrowthLand Realty & Appraisal is offering for sale KLR Pork, a 1,000 Sow breed to wean unit in a batch farrowing production schedule. KLR is located in Humboldt County ¼ mile off a hard surfaced road on approximately 11 Acres with 1 Farrowing Building with office, 2 Gestation Buildings and a Lagoon for manure storage. This 1,000 sow production facility has a 65KW backup generator, 3 – 3200 PSI washer units and has been well maintained and updated. KLR Site has transferable manure easements to surrounding crop land with dedicated center pivot for manure application. Production and financial summaries are available upon request to serious buyers only.


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Agri-Management Services and Growthland Realty & Appraisal is offering for sale BLTS Sow Unit, a 2,600 Sow breed to wean unit producing 1,300 weaned pigs weekly.  BLTS is located in Buchanan County 1 mile off a hard surfaced road on 40 Acres.  The original production system was built in 1993 as a 1,200 Sow breed to nursery site with three buildings, 1- 71’ x 426’ – Farrowing/Nursery/Office – 1- 41’ x 292’- Stalled Gestation – 1-58’ x 256’ -Stalled/Penned Breeding/Gestation.  In 2000 an addition – 78’ x 286’ Stalled Gestation Building was added, the six nursery rooms were converted to farrowing and an additional two-24 crate farrowing rooms were added to make BLTS a 2,600 head BTW production unit. An 18,000 gallon LP Tank is onsite. BLTS has transferable manure easements to surrounding cropland. Production and financial summaries are available upon request to serious buyers only.  Includes 19 tillable acres more or less  with a CSR2 of 89.6.  Good ability to expand if desired.  A gilt developer is available to lease that is 0.75 Miles to the west of the site.


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Two hog finishing sites for sale in Ringgold County, Iowa.  Each site is currently for feeder to market and has 4,000 pig spaces. Seller is willing to sell sites separately.

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Located 3 miles North of Urbana, in Section 3 of Polk Township; south of Benton Buchanan Rd and east of 31st Ave

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Agri-Management Services is pleased to offer for sale a 20,080 Swine Finishing Site. This site has 2—10 building pods located on 116 Acres. Buildings have been well maintained and interior upgrades completed over the last five years. Upgrades include new gating, SS wet-dry feeders and SS water cups. Presort area designed in penning layout. Buildings flush to lined 9.5 Acre lagoon with pipelines to surrounding land in transferable manure easement acres.


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Growthland Realty and Appraisal and Agri-Management Services offer for sale a 2000 Sow Farrow to Wean Swine Production Facility – Willow Ridge. Willow Ridge consists of a 11±-acre tract 7 miles south and 9 miles west of Cherokee, IA (pop. 12,072), the county seat of Cherokee County. A well-maintained public gravel road provides direct access to the property. H Avenue, a well-maintained paved county road, is a half mile east. Access to the site is good.
Facility Overview: Willow Ridge consists of 5 buildings with 2 – Gestation barns (G1 & G2); 1 – Farrowing, 1 – Isolation, and an Equipment Shed. The Office is in the west end of the Farrowing building. The Farrowing and Gestation buildings are all connected by enclosed hallways. The original building improvements were constructed in 1998; an expansion was made to Farrowing in 2015 adding 2 farrowing rooms, a nursery holding room, and a load out room. The painted steel roofing panels were replaced approximately 1 year ago and the attics had blown insulation added. The exterior steel wall panels were removed and reinstalled to insulate the walls with spray foam; the north farrowing wall remains to be completed. Water to the building improvements is provided by two on-site deep wells which are reported to provide adequate good quality water for the operation. Willow Ridge is a prime site for expansion to a 3000 sow production facility and current buildings are clean and ready for animals.


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Growthland Realty and Appraisal and Agri-Management Services are pleased to present for sale a 4,800 Farrow to Wean Swine Production Facility on 25.28 Acres m/l. Located at 2716 Gotch Park Road, five miles south of Humboldt in Deer Creek Township, Webster County.
Facility Overview: RSH Farms is a 4,800 sow Breed to Wean facility consisting of 2 – 2,400 sow units with two lagoons connected to owned low pressure center pivot irrigation system. The East Production Unit was constructed in 1993 as a 1200 sow Breed to Feeder pig unit. It was expanded to a 2,400 sow Breed to Feeder Pig site in 1996 with additional Gestation building being built and two unattached nursery buildings constructed. The original nurseries were remodeled to farrowing rooms and one additional 24 sow room added. In 2006, RSH was doubled in size to 4,800 sow Breed to Wean. An additional Breed Gestation Building was constructed and Nurseries were remodeled into 384 farrowing crates. RSH is a well maintained production system. Excellent isolation on one mile dead-end county road. Nearest pig is four miles away.
Production Agreement: Sow farm is currently a contract grower for a large production entity. The contract expires in July, 2021 with an option to purchase the sows. Contract provides over $500,000 in annual income before depreciation, interest, taxes, and amortization.

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